The Accidental Pervert


Licensed to over 15 Countries Worldwide


– Carol Toscano,

"The Best PR the Male Race Could Ever Want!"

– Broadway World

One of the greatest things about The Accidental Pervert is, not only is it funny, it is universally funny! The story, its humor and its message hold up to translation into any language or any location.

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Successful productions have been launched worldwide to rave reviews, awards and sold out houses!

  • GERMANY (2016 – 2023)
    Opened in Berlin and Hamburg, Pervert being played by the famed Cyrill Berndt
  • CROATIA (2017)
    Opened in the Joza Ivakic’ Theater, in the town of Vinkovci, with renown actor Vladimir Andric’ and Goran Grgic taking directorial reins.
  • ESTONIA (2016)
    Opened in Viljandi, the capital of Viljandi County, Estonia in 2016.
  • IRELAND (2016)
    Opened at The Metropolitan Arts Center Theater in Belfast, United Kingdom.
  • AUSTRALIA (2016)
    Ran at the Adelaide Fringe, the second largest festival in the world with 1000 shows in over four weeks.
  • NORWAY (2016)
    Opened at Kristiansand’s 700 seat Kilden Theatre before heading to Oslo’s prestigious Christiania Theatre (currently running Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, 613 seats).
  • SWITZERLAND (2014-2015)
    For its European Premier, The Accidental
    Pervert opened in Zurich in October, 2014. Pervert played by television personality Beat Schlatter
  • MALTA (2014)
    Starring funny man Malcolm Galea with the esteemed Marc Cabourdin holding the directorial reins, The Pervert won over audiences at the TAC Theatre in St. James Cavalier, Valletta.
  • PANAMA (2013)
    Winner for Best Theatrical Comedy
    In 2013, The Accidental Pervert made its way to Panama City’s La Quarda Theatre, starring renown actor Aaron Zebede, featured in films alongside Robert De Niro, Benicio Del Toro, and Usher.
  • ARGENTINA (2012-2013)
    Starring “Cabito” (Eduardo Massa Alcantara), comedian, TV and radio star. The play premiered to sold out houses at the ND Theater in Buenos Aires’ Cultural Center before touring nationwide.

What licensers and producers are saying about their experience with The Accidental Pervert:

  • “Pervertido por Accidente was a huge hit with audiences in Buenos Aires. The show translated well to a Spanish speaking crowd who understood the humor and the message. ”
    – Carlos Troncoso
    Producer – The Accidental Pervert – Argentina
  • “It was our pleasure to present The Accidental Pervert in Panama.
    It was very well received by audiences here and got big laughs. It also won ” Best Theatrical Comedy of 2013!”
    Ricardo Dormoi
    Producer – The Accidental Pervert – Panama
  • “The Accidental Pervert works great in the German language and the play was very well received in Switzerland. We got great reviews and a huge press coverage in all medias. The audience was highly enthusiastic.”
    -The Accidental Pervert – Switzerland
  • “The Accidental Pervert shows us, how a slippery show about a porn addict can turn into an elegant theater-evening… Beat Schlatter authentically plays a tart-tongued, always politically correct and certainly not cheap Pervert in the typical rough Zurich dialect and brings his audience to hearty laughs…”
    – Aargauer Zeitung – Zurück







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